We work together on:

  • Personal Career Planning
  • Personal Priority Setting
  • High Potential Staff Development

We cover:

  • Strengths and Skills
  • Behaviours and Attitudes
  • Actionable Outcomes

I provide:

  • Confidentiality
  • Independence
  • Challenge


TargetYou've come to the right place if you want to find out more about becoming the best you can be. And especially if you are a Chief Information Officer (CIO) or aim to become one. But this is also a website to linger on if you want to understand CIOs better, whether as a colleague, partner or influencer. Visitors to this site will find useful guidance and information about the issues that CIOs face and how they may best deal with them. Those who register can join in the discussions on topics that interest them. And those who feel that they need some independent mentoring or coaching to help them as CIOs, to help them become CIOs, or to help them understand CIOs, can learn about the services David Henderson (founder and proprietor of Becoming the Best You Can Be) can provide to help you.

How does mentoring differ from coaching?

Mentoring is very different from coaching. And both are different from knowledge sharing

Information Leadership

The CIO has primary accountability for Information Leadership.

Should an Executive be required to mentor direct reports?

A mentor should not be a mentee's boss or in his/her direct reporting line.

There’s no ‘T’ in ‘CIO’

Not even in the full form ‘Chief Information Officer’. No ‘T’ and no ‘Technology’ either. The job title is not ‘Chief Information Technology Officer’.

So why is there so much focus in CIO media channels on technology?

What are the ideal CIO characteristics?

Context is everything.

What's the ideal IT spend relative to revenue?

This question does not make sense but unfortunately, too many senior non-IT executives still ask it and (perhaps masochistically) many CIOs inflict the question and answer upon themselves.


David provides independent services in the following areas around the CIO agenda:

  • Research
  • Writing
  • Conference presentations
  • Coaching & mentoring current & aspiring CIOs



  • 40 years in IT, business & general management
  • Extensive mentoring & coaching experience
  • IT Strategy, Transformation & Change programme leadership expertise
  • Wide range of private sector industry coverage with some public sector & charity sector experience


Thought Pieces

David regularly writes thought pieces addressing key issues in the CIO's agenda. He invites comments from registered and personally invited users.


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